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Beyond the physical

Is where you’ll find me






Adventuring beyond the realm of the tangible

Flirting with That

Which is infinitely greater

Than knowing can know

An ineffable state

Of intimate ecstasy

I take a breath

And remember


I am


Transcendental perceiver

Of transitional phenomena

Focused flowing creativity

Playing with experiences

A dance

She danced

I’ve come to the conclusion that I was wrong in thinking that having the love that someone else gives is not possible to give to myself. I am already perfectly whole, so someone loving me won’t add anything or take anything away from me, only light up something in me that’s already there. If it’s already there then it doesn’t need anyone else to acknowledge it, because I acknowledge it, and in doing so I give myself what I’ve thought I can only find in another. I don’t need someone else to help me feel complete, because I already am - they merely help to shine a light on aspects of myself that are already a part of me. And if they can do that then I can do it too - I just need to direct my light to the right places. Another person brings awareness to areas that perhaps have been overlooked, but I can remedy that by asking where I’ve been neglecting to look myself. It may be more challenging, but it’s doable.


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