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Change comes from within…but also it doesn’t. It’s said you don’t need anything to heal yourself - it already exists within you. This is true, but also it’s not. If you already knew how to fix yourself you would be able to do it. The reason we seek external help is because everything we already have available to us from within us isn’t doing the job. The solution then needs to be outside of what is already known. The resolution, however, doesn’t come by adding things, but by revelation. It’s true that everything we need already exists within us (we’re the infinite power of God given form), but sometimes we need someone with a perspective other than our own to help reveal the parts of ourselves we’ve been completely oblivious to. Newton’s first law states a body will remain still or in a constant state of motion unless acted upon by an external force - we will remain stuck in the pattern that’s not serving us unless influenced by something other than the us who created the pattern. So, paradoxically, sometimes the change that comes from within, and has always been within, requires something from without to help reveal it to us.


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