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Finding presence

The way to get out of the ego, which is predominantly a reliving of the past or projection into the future (based on the past), is to expand into the present.

Expand into the present by bringing into conscious awareness sensory stimulation that was previously unconscious.

Being in flow/bliss/samadhi is the Union of transcendental Divine and immanent Self. It’s being outside of consciousness, ie in the unconscious.

The problem is the moment you bring something unconscious into consciousness it ceases to be unconscious and becomes conscious. So it’s not about bringing it into conscious awareness, but ego expressing the unconscious and being so absorbed in it that it fills conscious awareness leaving room for nothing else.

It’s the conscious mind being absorbed by the unconscious process, but not taking over that process - witnessing it, not controlling it. Flowing, not forcing.

It takes time and effort to acquire an unconscious skill - it has to be focused on and repeatedly consciously until it’s assimilated into the unconscious. Once it’s acquired, it can be expressed unconsciously. But, paradoxically, you want to be present in that unconscious expression.

The problem is that because it can be done unconsciously it no longer demands the max capacity of conscious concentration. You then need to turn it into meditation - to reflect on all aspects of that process whilst experiencing it, which are limitless. By doing this you transcend the Self and flow with the Divine - existing in effortless effort.


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