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Helping vs Serving

For a while now I’ve felt a calling to help people, initially through yoga, but now through hypnotherapy. But what I’ve come to realise is ‘helping’ is the wrong framing, because my desire to help someone means I enter an exchange wanting something from them - I want them to change in some way. This is more selfish than it is selfless. It also intrinsically frames the individual as someone who is in need of help, creating a sense of hierarchy - that they are in some way a victim in the scenario.

But by reframing it as simply being of service to others I’m no longer implicitly victimising them, and I’m no longer wanting them to change - I’m simply offering myself to them in a way that they feel is of use to them, should they choose to accept my invitation. ‘How can I serve you?’

So now I choose to serve, rather than to help.


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