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Reality Cake

** The following are my personal thoughts, understanding, and reflections ** ~ Divine consciousness is non-dual - it’s a single consciousness that exists as all things in all time. However, consciousness manifests itself as dualistic reality - everything in reality exists as part of a pair of diametrically opposed opposites: left/right; up/down; in/out; male/female; order/chaos; yin/yang.


Imagine the whole of reality as a square cake (stay with me!), demonstrated visually with the black square - 50 percent of the cake consists of X (eg chocolate), and 50 percent of it consists of Y (eg vanilla). The diagonal line represents the ratio between chocolate and vanilla - the leftmost point is 100% chocolate, 0% vanilla; the rightmost point is 0% chocolate, 100% vanilla.


Now imagine slicing the cake (represented by the red lines) into pieces. Even though the whole of reality exists in binary terms, each slice of reality is made up of a varying constitution along a spectrum. (The cake, in reality, can be cut into infinitely thin slices.)

~ In reality, some things get expressed absolutely (eg our physical male/female bodies), whereas some things exist as unexpressed potential along the spectrum, and only appear relativistically when expressed and observed at a particular moment in time.


For example, take masculine/feminine: any person (ie a slice of reality cake) can exist anywhere on that spectrum of slices, from being 100% masculine, 0% feminine; to 0% masculine, 100% feminine; OR anywhere in between. Everyone will be in the category of masculine/feminine, but the proportions of each will vary from person to person, and potentially from moment to moment.


So, paradoxically, (but also not), the whole of reality is simultaneously both binary AND infinite (non-dual).


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