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“Unapologetically you”

Why being “unapologetically you” is potentially dangerous.

Soundbite ‘wisdom’ such has this has become very fashionable, with it being so easily digestible and marketable. I can see the good intention behind it - being proud of who you are, not letting others get you down. But, what if who you are is actually a bit of an ar$€h0le?

Oversimplification can lead to oversight with regards to nuance. If you can find an instance where something doesn’t hold true, then is it truly wisdom? Whenever I hear soundbites such as these, I take a moment to apply that ‘truth’ to an extreme case and see if it holds up - what I’ve come to call ‘The Hitler Test’. Should Hitler have been ‘unapologetically him’? It may sound ridiculous, but just consider it.

The problem with being ‘unapologetically me’ is that I run the risk of not stopping to consider how I might be wrong - it overlooks the concept of humility. And the moment I’m not willing to admit that I might be wrong is the moment I resolve myself of responsibility for my actions, justifying them as right, and those who disagree with me as wrong.

Discernment is key, and requires feedback to iteratively refine towards ‘better’. Assuming I’m right, regardless of the input of others, can be dangerous. Ultimately, I still may conclude that I am, but at least it’s now from a place of conscious consideration, taking into account points of view other than my own, with a more expanded outlook and understanding.


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