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London Financial Industry worker turned full-time yogi, this was never originally my intended path.

Having followed the 'typical' path of school, A-Levels, then University, I graduated with an undergraduate in Mathematics, followed by a Masters in Operational Research, I quickly found myself a job in the city as an Actuarial Developer for an insurance company. I thought that was me set for life. Little did I know, the universe had other ideas...

I've always been active, playing football from a young age, then finding martial arts and body-weight training in my mid to late teens, followed by running, cycling, and climbing in my early twenties.


I can confidently say that movement is my passion (though it' taken me the better part of a decade to realise it!), so spending eight hours a day (at least) behind a desk soon began to loose it's appeal. Every opportunity I had to move I'd take it - before work, lunchtimes, as well as after.

Enter yoga

Yoga made its first attempt to charm me in 2012, but I say that it truly found me in 2014.

I attended lululemon's launch event to celebrate the opening of their first European store (in Covent Garden) having met a few weeks prior two wonderful people who worked for them. It was a class at the Royal Opera House, with members from the London Philharmonia Orchestra playing live as we practiced (to this day it was the best savasana I've ever experienced, and completely changed my relationship with yoga).

After this I decided that I wanted to be in this environment more, and to continue with enjoying the physical practice, so started attending the weekly in-store community classes lulu used to put on, and soon found a handful of teachers I connected with. This quickly lead me to want to go and practice with them more regularly, so I began attending classes in studios.

My main and regular teachers were the amazing Celest Pereira and London's Rocket Rockstar Marcus Veda. Both offering a strong practice I soon developed a love for being upside-down, and through their guidance (as well as others) was able to progress quickly. Along with their encouragement physically they soon began to charm me towards the idea of doing a yoga teacher training, and sure enough, by the end of 2015 I'd completed my 200h certification.

After starting to teach part-time after work, I soon realised this was something I wanted to explore more, and eventually decided to cut down to three days in the office. Eventually (and inevitably, some of my friends might say), after seven years living the corporate life I decided it was time to follow the charm and explore life as a full-time yogi.

You can read more about why I love yoga here.

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