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Using MindBody Therapy to help being become more self-aware


May 4, 2019

Recently my partner and I journeyed (through the use of mushrooms), and it was a truly amazing experience. It’s almost impossible to put into words, but the ones that kept coming to mind afterwards were ‘cosmic’ and ‘pure’.

I entered a place beyond time and space. I was...

April 14, 2019

Meaning ‘the spirit of perseverance’, I’ve chosen to start my classes with this instead of the more traditional 'Namaste' as, to me, it’s a reminder that this is a disciplined, lifelong practice. One that we endeavour to persevere with, and to remember that, like life,...

February 8, 2019

Belief is the result of our intelligence. As children we gather information to form beliefs so as to have an understanding of how the world works. Using our past experiences to form these beliefs, we can then take action based upon them to affect the world around us.


February 8, 2019

For some time now I’ve thought of myself as a bit of a unicorn, but now I know that I am.

I’ve recently read ‘The Dance of the Lion and the Unicorn’ by Mark Waller, PhD, and it’s been such an eye-opener for me. So much so that I’ve encouraged others to read it, and even...

January 6, 2019

On numerous occasions I’ve heard from students that coming into a yoga studio for a class can be intimidating. Most likely you’re now saying one of two things to yourself: ‘Yeah, I feel/felt a little/very intimidated’, or ‘Erm, hell no! No intimidation here!’. I was ve...

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