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Defining Yoga

Yoga - physicality with spiritual intent

Yoga means so many things to me, and I think it can mean different things to different people - it's a personal interpretation. But this is one I'm enjoying at the moment, and the analogy below lends itself to help elaborate.

The body is the vehicle, the mind is the driver, but the consciousness is the VIPassenger.

If the vehicle doesn’t run well then the passenger may not get anywhere, and if the driver talks too much the passenger may be too distracted to enjoy the beauty of the journey.

But with harmony of body and mind the consciousness doesn’t have to worry, and instead has the freedom to remain objective observer of all that passes by.

Yoga is a simple way to unify body, mind, and consciousness - all that’s needed is just oneself. Strengthening the body to find stillness of the mind, to discover awareness of the self, and enjoy the ride.

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