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I watched something recently that said the thing that connects all of humanity is pain. I experience pain, as well as cause it. It’s because I can experience pain that I can appreciate love. Would a life without pain be a life worth living? That’s not to say that I should wish for pain, or look to inflict it, or be grateful for it, but perhaps when painful things happen I can take some solace in the fact that pain is just a part of life, and the fact that I can experience pain means I’ve appreciated love. And perhaps by focusing on that love I can ease through my pain.

Storms don't last forever, and neither do heatwaves - if nature can't keep up extremes of its behavior indefinitely, then how can I expect to. After all I am a part of nature, just as a blade of grass is. I am made of the same atoms as the rest of the planet, and so are merely this planet expressed as consciousness, assimilated into this body I occupy. I think that sometimes it's easy to lose sight of that, and to think humans are 'better' than everything else that exists in the world because of our intellect (i.e. we're atoms with the capacity to contemplate other atoms). But really, how intelligent are we as a species if we've managed to take this gift of life and turn it into a chore.

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