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Challenge allows the redefinition of my self-constructed comfort (or ‘confine’) zone. ~ All words are a social construct - a socially-agreed upon set of phonetics assigned meaning. And they’re a good thing! Without them, without language, we wouldn’t be where we are as a species. ~ But because they’re a construct it also means they’re arbitrary; words like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ don’t exists in the context of the universe in and of itself, just within us - the universe is neither good nor bad, it just is. ~ Language allows for the construct of barriers, ie division, which can be useful. However, sometimes I’ve ended up defining myself by these divisions - good, bad; male, female; Christian, Jew; doctor, plummer, etc (I’ve noticed one of the first few questions people ask when meeting someone new is what their job is). And sometimes separation incites disassociation - someone not being able to see another as the same as them because of the arbitrary division imposed between them. Problems arise when I allow these divisions to affect my self worth. ~ I’ve thought/said/heard people say such things as ‘I’m not very good at yoga’, or ‘I’m not very good because I can’t do the splits/handstand/because I fell out of that standing balance’ - but that’s merely an attachment I have chosen to have to an arbitrary construct (‘good’), and subsequently allowed it to have control over how I categorise and value myself. ~ When I allow myself to react in such ways I condition myself and self-worth to be defined by these arbitrary divisions. But what if I started to be more mindful; to become more aware of these (often subconsciously) self-imposed barriers and chose to redefine how I perceive them, or even completely deconstruct them? ~ What if I chose to celebrate my (natural) connections, as opposed to chastising my (arbitrary) divisions...?

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