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Before the process of awakening begins there exists the state of ignorance to limitations, and as such the illusion of freedom.

As awakening takes hold the illusion begins to shatter and the awareness of limitation takes its place, which can cause a sense of despair and a feeling of being lost, uncertain of what takes the place of that erroneous certainty.

As the sense of awakening grows, then comes the illusion of being awakened, pitying or patronising others for not being able to see their ill-formed illusions, and perhaps even wanting to inform them of the limitations they’re failing to see - to ‘help’ them; this is often met with anger by those not ready to have their sense of self, their foundation of existence, brought into question or disrepute.

This stage of spiritual superiority is, ironically, a state of limitation itself, and is unable to be witnessed until expansion into a more awakened state.

After this, at some point, comes acceptance - to not seek to change another, nor to show them how awakened you are, but to see and accept them for who they are at that moment in time, and to enjoy that relationship with them from a place of awareness conscious of limitations, but not feeling limited by them - to want nothing from them, nor anything for them, only to experience the moment with them if invited.


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