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“You have to be willing to engage in erroneous experimentation” - Jordan B. Peterson

I’ve been thinking a lot about failure since having to press pause on my cycle, and, like all things in this paradoxical life, I think it’s really about how you choose to frame it.

On the one hand I did fail, because I didn’t achieve what I set out to do. On the other hand, I didn’t fail, because I committed myself to moving away from the position I knew in which I didn’t want to remain.

Every step, even an erroneous one, is movement away from where you started, and helps you recalibrate towards where you should be heading, even if you don’t yet know where that is.

Failure is a necessary step in learning, and as such shouldn’t be feared, but welcomed. Arguably failure is still success, unless you choose not to learn from it.

I’m choosing to embrace this experience and learn from it, and to remember that if I’m always/easily achieving my goals then I’m not challenging myself enough.


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