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Whilst the experience of suffering exists, the universe itself doesn’t exist in terms of good and evil - these are human constructs imposed onto existence.

Suffering is a natural consequence of living in an existence governed by change; good and evil are qualities resulting from the human capacity for self-consciousness.

Self-consciousness is different to self-criticism - self-consciousness is the awareness of oneself and one’s action, whereas self-criticism is judgement of oneself and one’s actions. Self-consciousness, then, isn’t a bad thing inherently - it just is. But with this capacity for awareness, might we be able to find definitions for ‘good’ and ‘bad’ from it?

We have the ability to discern whether our actions will cause/are causing unnecessary suffering. So perhaps evil is choosing to add to the inevitable suffering of existence unnecessarily, when bestowed the capability to be aware of one’s actions?

An action that causes suffering with the understanding that it will do so is different to one done without - this is the difference between malevolence and ignorance. Perhaps, then, kindness or ‘good’ is an act done with the intention of alleviating or diminishing suffering?

You have within you the power to impact the world around you - what impact you make is a choice influenced by awareness.


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