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Limited beings

God is infinite, bound by neither time or space, meaning Divine Consciousness is limitless; Existential Beings, on the other hand, are constrained by limitations. As such we experience a sense of suffering, as we can never be truly free (limitless) in this corporeal form. But this isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’s this capacity to be limited that distinguishes God from Man, and what gives life meaning. Without limitation there is no experience, as God is all things at all times, in a state of eternal bliss. Suffering is, therefore, an axiom of this existence - Divine Consciousness consciously chose to condense itself into a limited instance of the material realm (ie take form), to forget everything it knew (eternal truth), and experience the suffering of temporal existence (life). As a human being I have within me both the capacity to do good and evil - I am simultaneously God and the Devil. Morality, then, can be seen as accepting that I have the capacity to cause unnecessary suffering, but choosing not to (or at least endeavouring to minimise my contribution to that which naturally occurs in life).


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