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Meditation is destructive

This might sound strange, but it’s the viewpoint of NST that meditation is, in its nature, a destructive practice.

By this though it doesn’t mean that it is a deleterious process, but that it is a process of deletion - it is not a hurtful, additive practice, but a beneficial one used to remove obscurity and reveal our true Self.

Meditation is a practice of focusing awareness; where the consciousness is focused depends on the type of meditation.

In seated meditation one withdraws from the physical world, allowing the focus to be directed towards the heart-mind layer of consciousness - witnessing thoughts and feelings that arise.

When we take birth into this concentrated form of divine consciousness we begin constructing the narrative of our ego. It’s through this lens of distortion that we view the world, and so experience suffering.

By making ourselves the object of subjective observation we can begin to identify the stories that have grown over the purity of divine consciousness that is our core, deconstruct them, and no longer be enslaved by them.

Many may say the goal is to ‘kill the ego’, but having an ego is an axiom of existence - one can’t be in and of this world without one. So it’s not about killing the ego, but rehabilitating it.

Your ego will be with you your entire life (and to its credit has got you this far) - wouldn’t your rather spend the rest of your life with a best friend who knows you’re wanting the best for them, rather than someone afraid you’re constantly trying to kill them?


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